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Key comforts a Pool House provides

Now that you’ve finished your dream pool and had your first swim, it’s time to consider the build of a pool house. Allright, you want a pool house, and you deserve one. In this article we try to answer the important question: Is a pool house more than a luxury? We believe a pool house has extra benefits many people have never considered. Take these benefits into account for justifying the cost of the build. Pool houses come in all sizes, … and for all sizes of wallets too.

Pool House at night
Pool House at night

Pool House comforts

Choosing to build a pool house brings many advantages that, if looked at honestly, can convince your spouse or accountant. A quick summary:

It provides a room for your guests to change their clothes before a swim. And more importantly, a place to store all that wet swimming gear after the swim.

If you have a party you can have it in your pool house and keep your main house clean. Even more so if you add a bath room to the pool house.

It’s the ideal room for your home gym. No need to build or sacrifice another room in the main house.

Just think of the tools and accessories that you need to maintain your pool. Add to that all the toys the kids love to use in the pool. All those things can go in your pool house.

And not just pool related items can go there: your garden accessories will fit there, as will your outdoor furniture in the winter.

A pool house will add to the value of your house if you ever decide to sell. And just like your main house, the costs you make you can recover after a sale.

Our favorite reason, however, is that it’s the ideal place for a BBQ or outdoor kitchen.

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